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Simplifies the creation of diagrams
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Create diagrams using the over 12,000 vector symbols, 2,000 clip arts and numerous drawing tools put at your disposal. More than 260 types of diagrams included.

Making diagrams and charts is one of the most common task in the workplace. This program has many preset, ready-to-use chart and diagram templates, which make this task very fast and easy to perform. You only need to choose the type of chart you need from its extensive list, which includes almost all the types of diagrams you can think of, from pie and workflow charts to mind mapping and bar charts. Once you have chosen the template you want to use, you can modify it easily to suit your needs. By substituting the default data of the chart, it will change its proportions accordingly; for example, if a default pie chart has four categories of 25% each, you can add a fifth category and the chart will automatically assign 20% to each of them. You can further modify the proportions of the categories, as well as their names, colors and so on.

If you need to develop an entirely new chart, you can do so by choosing the "Create" option and add all the elements you need. The program also includes a huge clipart collection that you can use with your charts.

Although the program's interface is very similar to that of MS PowerPoint, there are some differences to which one needs to get accustomed. For example, it took me a while to figure out how to insert connectors between shapes.

What's more, you need to take into account that the program is not cheap. Nevertheless, if you make a lot of charts and diagrams in your daily work, then this may be a wise investment.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Easy to use
  • Multiple ready-to-use templates
  • Includes an extensive clipart collection


  • Not very affordable
  • Although the program's functions are very similar to those of PowerPoint, there are some differences to which one needs to get accustomed
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